Best partner beyond the business of trading company.

Our company mainly supplies overseas and domestic semiconductors to our customers. Since its establishment, to expand the circle of the network around the world, we have responded to customers' trust to us.
We will continue beyond that "parts supply", and strive to enhance the service that can be provided to everyone such as EMS and other customers.

[Worldwide Network]

SISTEC has cooperative relationship with many overseas manufacturers to Asia from the West, we have built a wide network. In particular, it is possible to supply many kinds of products through our own routes to US, Singapore ,Taiwan and South Korea.

[All over the Country]

As in-house warehouse is held, our products are quickly and reliably shipped to customers’ hand in all over Japan with the duty in our integrated system.

[Flexible Work]

Not only large lot, even if small quantity, we will respond to our customers’ request flexible of “just-in-time” that when you need.

We can do ourselves consistently from development and design to manufacture and delivery.

The parts we receive orders from customers in SISTEC, simply is not only to deliver.
Extend the sales staff feet to the whole country, in went directly to the site, technical and inventory support, we also support such as optimal suggestions according to the application. Commodity, of course, increasingly enhance also for services, we are aiming for a partner to be trusted by customers.